Florence Brewery

Florence Ales

Weasel ABV 4.5%

A hoppy, fruity golden ale, with a distinctly citrus nose. Don’t let those New World hop aromas fool you. These Cascade hops are English as the Pale Ale Malt. A handful of Czech Bobek hops give a characteristically refreshing lift.

Stoat ABV 5.3%

Burton Ale is a phrase seen on countless pub walls and mirrors, but never on the bar. Burton was famous for it’s Pale Ales, but the Burton style was not a Pale Ale. It was a stong dark malty brew, ideally suited for the work of a Winter Warmer, which isjust what our seasonal brew is designed to be.

Beaver ABV 4.8%

The addition of a sack of wheat malt to the barley grist gives a cloudly haze to our flagship beer. A twist of orange peel essence marks this beer out from the ordinary, whilst English Cascade and Czech Bobek hops give floral notes and the zesty bitterness that brewers call ‘moreish’.

Bonobo ABV 4.3%

A dark and fruity ale, made using the finest English malted barley, crystal malt and English Phoenix hops which produce a dark beer with a complex finish, made longer by the addition of a sprinkling of roast malt in the grist.